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Dated: 11/01/2016

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I don't generally blog about politics, but I'm compelled to reach out and say, "Fellow Floridians, we have to vote NO on amendment 1!" While channel surfing last night, I stumbled upon a new show called Years of Living Dangerously on the National Geo channel. The episode was dedicated to the analysis of proposed Amendment 1 and explained how Florida Power and Light created this bogus amendment in order to trick people into thinking they were petitioning to bring solar energy to our state, when in reality they were petitioning for an amendment that will change nothing about our current solar energy policies, but will instead give more control over solar energy to the utility company. It is worded so trickily that people were eager to sign the petition in order to get it onto our ballot, not understanding what they were signing. Read it yourself and prepare to be confused. 

Our current policy regarding solar energy is keeping many companies from opening up/expanding their offices in FL & denying our state those job opportunities. If we vote yes on amendment 1, it will stay that way.

This is definitely not a partisan issue, and it's time we take measures to end the stranglehold big energy companies have over us in Florida.

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