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Now that you’ve closed, the excitement begins! It’s time to make your new house a home. Here are some things to consider before settling in:Image title

1. Change the locks.

You've received the keys to your new home at closing, but it's hard to say who may have access to your home. The sellers may have given a spare key to a neighbor and since forgotten all about it. The safest idea is to just change all of the locks.

2. Repair and paint while the home is empty.

It's a no-brainer but sometimes goes overlooked. If you have to make major repairs, try to do them before you move in. It's easier to take care of major maintenance or messy repair jobs when the home is empty.

3. Clean every nook and cranny.

It's maybe the only time you'll have this opportunity. Give the entire house a good top-to-bottom cleaning. It's a great way to start a new life in a fresh, clean home. Plus it's a lot easier to clean everything when nothing is inside to be moved around.

4. Label your moving boxes and place them in the rooms where the contents will go.

When you’ve got multiple people helping you unload the truck, it’s highly possible that boxes will end up on the wrong side of the house or piled up in a corner of the garage to never been seen again. Take the time to label the contents of each box, including the room in the new house that you’d like it to be placed. This will help your movers and yourself when it comes time to unpack.

Thinking ahead and taking a few extra steps will save you time and energy. It will simplify the move-in process and make your home a safe place to get good sleep on your first night. Congratulations!

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