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Dated: 01/22/2018

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What you see...

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Once you've successfully negotiated a contract, you'll be asked whether or not you'd like to have the home inspected. We've had more than a handful of buyers question whether or not a home inspection is worth the extra out-of-pocket expense, so I thought I'd take a minute today to share why the few hundred dollars you'll pay a skilled, licensed inspector could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the short term. That's right, I said short term. All homeowners know they'll spend thousands of dollars over the long term in repairs, remodels, maintenance, etc. But there is nothing so bitterly disappointing as having to unexpectedly pull out big money for big repairs within months or weeks of closing on your new home.

Of all of the items we purchase in our lives, few tug as aggressively at our heart strings as the purchase of our homes. When the right home comes along, we experience the excitement, trepidation, and the I-can't-live-without-you passion that we feel when we've fallen in love. Likewise, as it is with love, we tend to play down the flaws that are staring us right in the face. Oh, that dangling doorbell is an easy-fix... a wobbly toilet? My grandpa can fix that... um, that weirdly darker spot on the hardwood floor, well, my couch will cover that... and so on.  And listen, many of the flaws you'll find in a pre-owned home are typical, easily repairable issues of wear and tear, but sometimes what appears to be true is far from true. A wobbly toilet, over time, can cause the wax ring underneath to crack, allowing water to seep down into floor. If the toilet is on the second story, this leak will make it's way through to the first story, possible causing a weirdly darker spot on the hardwood floors, as well as hidden damage to the sub-floor. The homeowner may have painted over the stain on the ceiling right before they moved out. If they've moved out, no one is using the toilet anymore. The ceiling may no longer be wet, thus causing you to think the 2 issues are non-related. Only a trained inspector can put together the puzzle pieces and look further into the sub-floor with thermal imaging to detect whether there is significant moisture there. Though a home inspector might not be able to predict the future, the story that the home tells at the time of inspection could indicate what the future might hold.

What your home inspector sees...

In the 1Image title" width="300"> to 2 showings you had before putting in your offer, it was very easy to miss the warning signs. Your Realtor is trained to stay objective and provide you with the resources you need to not only make the initial decision, but to continue making good decisions throughout the transaction process. This is why every Realtor will encourage you to hire a licensed home inspector to investigate active and potential repairable issues before you close the deal. At Staack Realty Group, we encourage every buyer to get a home inspection. About 95% of our buyers take our advice, and for the stubborn 5%... well, we have a form for that. Most of the time, the inspection reveals typical, repairable issues, and often we are able to negotiate concessions from the seller for those issues. Rarely, the inspection reveals atypical, costly issues that only the bravest of buyers would want to tackle, and the relief we all feel when we cancel those contracts is immeasurable. So bottom line... GET A HOME INSPECTION. Hopefully, those flaws are just quirky, charming features of your soon-to-be new home, but if not, we're here to guide you through the break-up and find you a new love. 

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