Know the Market Value Before You List Your Home

So your neighbor just sold for x amount, and there’s a new listing around the corner for… wow! You may be thinking, well, if that’s what homes are going for, then stick the For Sale sign in the yard today! Well, not so fast. While market value is determined by recent sales (that’s solds, not pending, not actively listed) in a given area, a lot more than geography goes into determining the value. Attributes such as: cosmetic upgrades; the age of major systems (HVAC, Roof, Water Heaters, etc.); specific location within the neighborhood (busy corner? lakefront? next to playground?); smell-factors (cigarettes? pet odors?); curb appeal; outdoor features; condition; layout; and so on… These are the elements that may set your home at, above, or below the other homes that have sold in the neighborhood.

In order to determine the amount your home will sell for in today’s market, you need to count on an expert Realtor’s detailed market value analysis. That’s where we come in! Yes, there are quick algorithms out there that look primarily at geography and square footage, but those are not dependable when it comes to knowing what a real buyer would be most willing to pay for your home in today’s market.

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